Laptop Chip Level Repairing Course Contenet:

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Basic Electronics

1) Resistor

2) Diode

3) Capacitor

4) Coil

5) Transistors

6) Mosfet

7) Fuse

8) Crystal

9) Logic gates

10) Ic ( Integrated Circuit )

11) Voltage divider, mosfet working concept

12) Buck and boost regulator concept

LDO linear or low drop out.

1) Laptop parts identification

2) Assembling and Disassembling ( optional)

3) Basic level practical tracing of all laptop Circuit by section wise

4) Basic level schematic explanation

5) Bios programming

6) Io programming

7) Basic level laptop troubleshooting

Soldering and disoldering.

1) Advance level laptop circuit schematic explanation upto 11th gen ( Quanta, compal, wistron)

2) IC requirements and function Voltage sequence explanation with data sheets

3) Advance level circuit explanation

like:- Vin, Stepdown, Rtc, Battery Charging,

VDDQ, VPP, 1.8v alw. 1v alw, dc to dc,

Cpu, Gpu, Usb, Sata, HDMI, Thermal Fan,

Circuits , IO Requirements,

io to pch/soc communication, sound ,

Wifi, keyboard, touchpad etc

4) Psid and adapter id Circuits

5) Circuit bypass tricks

6) Power sequence ( generation wise)

7) All signal testing like:- clock, Reset, PG, LPC etc explanation by dso – auto and capture mode

8) Asus/acer/lenovo on board ram Disabling

9) Boardview

10) Graphic conversion

Complete laptop troubleshooting

Ex :- no power , no display, tripping , not Charging

Laptop on with adapter but not with battery

beep error massages , led pattern and many


1) Bios overview

2) Bios size calculation

3) Classification of bios according to function

4) Bios size determination

5) Hp/dell/lenovo/asus/acer bios editing

6) Half to full bios method

7) Bios decryption

8) Bios extraction and editing by temp method

9) Bios editing by hex editor/ UEFI tool

10) Dell latest model bios extraction method

11) Separation of main and ec bios

12) How to clean ME/TXE CSME/CSTXE Region in bios dump

13) How to use Dell/Lenovo/acer/Asus bios extractor

14) Latest gen ( 6th,7th,8th,9th,10th, 11th ) bios editing and clean CSME/CSTXE Dump method

15) How to use UEFI tool

16) Thinkpad password UNLOCKING 🔑 (only patch method)

17) And many more

18) Hp AMI bios extraction

19) Password UNLOCKING tricks

20) RSA signature injection 💉

Note:- free access to private channels LCS bios world, LCS schematic world, LCS Boardview world, Gpu conversion world.

ME/CSME/TXE/CSTXE repository packs , system tools UEFI tools and bios extractors with all bios editing tools are given to the students with this course.16days

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