emmc, emcp and ufs training

EMMC,EMCP & UFS Advanced Software course content:

Students Introduction& Overview of PC / Laptop & Operating system which type of need PC / Laptop in software & introduction of Software problems in Mobile Phone&Overview of All software box which Type of use box in software.
Samsung Normal phone
Box setup install & Driver Install Process & unlocking / Read pin lock.Identification of flashing file & flashing process & online Flashing filesDownloadProcess.
Samsung Android
Box install process & Driver install & unlock MDM Lock & unlock Pattern / Pin / Finger /Face lock & FRP lock with latest Trick.
Country lock & Root & Network File Read and Write like (QCN/EFS) & identificationFlashing File / flashing Process / Online Flash file Download Process.
China Phone Advance
Identification of China chipset & install china Box process & Driver & Unlocking &pattern lock read Process & FRP lock.
Read flash file & Format & identification Of Flash file & flashing Process.Unlock mi phone & how to go EDL mode in mi Phone & Search easy way EDL point &Flash file Identification & Flashing Process.
Unlocking & Flashing Process & Online download Flash File process.
Special Training of UMT Dongle how to install UMT Driver how to install UMT Setup &Overview of all UMT Icon.
Unlocking easy way & FRP lock Remove New Trick & Mi account & Flashing UMTall New models.
Special Training of MRT Dongle how to install MRT Driver how to install MRT Setup &Overview of all MRT Icon.
Unlocking easy way & FRP lock Remove New Trick & Mi account & Flashing MRTall New models.
Training of UFI and J-Tag Plus Box
Special Training of China All new phone unlocking(Oppo/Vivo/Mi) Via ISP with UFI andJ-Tag box & how to Remove FRP lock with Latest Trick & How to Remove pattern/pinlock/Finger lock /face lock without Data loss.
How To flash MTK/Qualcomm pone in UFI and J-Tag box how to ExtractOppo/Vivo/Realme flash file in UFI.

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